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Affiliate request.

If you want to become affiliates with ohicon, comment here and I'll add you to the userinfo as soon as possible. This is also to notify me if you move journals and such things.
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Deleted comment

Ik zal je bij de volgende update toevoegen.

Nee, dit is een bewerkte template. Ik credit de maker ook bij mijn volgende update.

Deleted comment

You're added too. :]

Template is een pagina met HTML waar je alleen de header en de kleuren hoeft te veranderen.
hahahaha your header makes me laugh!!! :D

OMG PICK ME IMA!!! ME!!!! _outofmyleague
You're added, lovah.
If you ever need more makers, I would like to try out.
That's really awesome, gurl. :] In my ten minutes of spare time, I added you to the user info and made you a maintainer. Feel free to edit, delete and post anything you want, okay? I'll work on the community tonight and I'll post my first icon batch asap.
Wow, thanks so much.
I'll make some banners and such for the community.
I'll promote on my journal soon.
I'll make some icons today and post within the next few days.
can you change _outofmyleague to citysburning please? ty!
:D i'll go add you.
yeah of course i'll add you in a minute! sorry for this 60 days too late reply. :'D
hi, would you like to affiliate with my community glamon
It's fairly new so there isn't much yet. :D
thank you.